intelligent personalisation for travel

Power your travel business with real time digital empathy.

Empathise with your customer

Every user is unique and has very specific preferences and wishes. As customers, we all love to be served individually with offers that are relevant and inspiring. Exciting shopping experiences are made out of this.

Do you want to understand your customers’ intent and interest every step of the way – and address them individually with the most appropriate travel products and services? You could do that as of today!

bd4travel lets you empathise with your customers – to improve their shopping experience and your business performance.

How Digital Empathy works

We provide real time personalization based on predictive insights for each unique user at every stage of their traveller lifecycle – from inspiration and planning, to choosing and booking.

  • Profile

    Interpret individual users’ signals and create a real time user DNA for each customer.

  • Predict

    Serve each anonymous user relevant offers before they’ve thought of them.

  • Act

    Continuously tailor your customers’ shopping experience to relate and interact with them in a personalized fashion.

  • Retain

    Recover high churn-risk users with spot-on offers before they browse away.

  • Retarget

    Improve your retargeting campaigns with truly relevant and personalized offers.

Why bd4travel?

It´s travel specific

Our solution is exclusively designed to support the specific patterns and challenges of the travel industry and its customers. No need to spend extended resources on adapting generic solutions, which will never get you there.

It´s intelligent

Many solutions can aggregate data about your users. We accurately predict the intent and interest of any single user – to help you recommend the best products and services for each individual.

It´s real time, really

bd4travel’s solution generates real time analyses, predictions and personalized responses for each anonymous customer in your travel shop. Relate and convert now!

It’s easy and efficient

bd4travel’s technology is easy to implement and allows you to generate an immediate positive impact on your business. Benefit from accurate and actionable insights from the moment you apply the technology.



Travolution Award for being the Best Technology Provider 2016


Winner of the Disrupt Awards @ Travel Technology Europe 2016

TIS Winner Brand USA - bd4travel

Winner of the Brand USA Marketing Innovation Award at the 2014 Phocuswright Conference




Winner of the 2015 Travolution “Start up of the Year Award”

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