10 Mistakes Made in Personalisation – The Pifalls to Avoid

Convert more users without spending more on marketing

Are you interested in improving the engagement and conversion of your web visitors by applying personalised messaging and promoting individual offers to every user? We compiled a practical eguide that captures the essence of our learnings and insights from our customer projects – sharing valuable information on how to (not) apply personalisation in travel.

It covers points like:

  • What are the requirements for successful personalisation specifically in travel?
  • Why is a real-time system key and how to set this up?
  • What is the benefit of an AI-based user profiling vs. rule-based segmentation?
  • How can commercial steering and interest-based product matching reinforce each other?

To get the answers to the above questions (and many more), just download the 12-page eguide by filling out the form below.

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