It’s not often that you win an award as Startup of the Year. It is rarer still when you are not aware that your company has been nominated, and on top of that, it’s your own brother giving you the award. But that happened last night at the 2015 Travolution Awards when bd4travel was awarded the 2015 Travolution “Start up of the Year Award.”

I knew that my brother and Comedian Milton Jones was making the presentations for the Awards but it was only when he started reading out the description of the winner that I realized he was talking about bd4travel! So as you can see in the picture, I tried to make the family resemblance clear.

Andy and Milton Jones at Travolution Awards

We’re truly honored by the award, but we’re even more encouraged by the recognition behind it. To me, and to the entire bd4travel team, this marks our progression from being a great idea to being a young business helping connect users with the right travel product or service in real time. Since the beginning of 2015, we have processed over 100 million unique anonymous user profiles for key travel retailers.

After the Phocuswright Marketing Innovation Award in 2014 and the $4.2 million in series A funding earlier this summer, this marks a new chapter in bd4travel’s growth. Next year we will be a very strong business as we deliver to our clients in several markets across Europe and beyond. So watch out for us…

We have a very clear vision about how to help redefine the way travel retailers sell and treat their customers. The technology is up to speed and extremely promising, and the logic and value to our customers are self-evident.

As bd4travel now executes for very large travel brands we see both that we can manage their size, and that customer interaction is improving, shopping baskets are getting bigger and the visibility of the full bandwidth of offers is massively improved. The longer our customers work with us, the more they want to do and achieve.

So thank you to the judges, to the Travel Weekly Group, to Milton (who is incidentally one of our business angels – our very own Ashton Kutcher), our growing band of customers and above all the bd4travel team, who are building the best travel selling products in the world, step by step and case by case.

Andy Owen-Jones
CEO and co-Founder

Find more info on the awards and the event here on travolution: LINK