Since bd4travel won TTE’s #1 Disrupt Award in 2016 a lot has happened in online travel. The individual travel buyer has more and more touchpoints and options to search and book travel online. But in parallel, OTAs are still facing annoyingly low conversion rates and high and increasing SEM spend.

The massive number of options for clients and the vast amount of data available means that most online sites are not optimised. Our machine learning based personalisation technology enables bd4travel to address the evolving needs of OTAs facing a rapid evolution of the digital ecosystem. In parallel, the acceleration in volumes allows bd4travel to tune its algorithms more and more precisely as we evolve to support the new ways of selling.

At Travel Technology Europe 2018, bd4travel is presenting TTE visitors new insights and applying its technology to progressively broader areas of the sales funnel:

  • Lifetime Value:  This set of analytics allows companies to build a view on the value of their audience, including those who have not booked. Changes in booking flows, in origin of traffic or in configuration feed through to show how well an audience is being managed.
  • Alerting: With an unparalleled granularity of vision on the progress of each client through the sales funnel, the new alerting framework allows travel sellers to have real-time updates on how their product quality or their product positioning is affecting the performance of the funnel.

In addition, the possibilities for supporting individual company strategies can be seen in different examples of applications for onsite enhancement. These types of first party solutions will only become more important with GDPR, as it becomes harder to use 3rd party cookie driven approaches:

  • Remarketing: This application is adding value to Google campaigns of OTAs. According to the individual user profile recently created or updated on the OTA site, it recognizes whether a travel buyer who has already visited a site is a probable and valuable customer and enables separate bid levels to win him back.
  • Campaign: This solution optimizes onsite campaigns and allows OTAs to steer certain controlled offers on their sites. In parallel to a product selection determined purely by algorithms, OTAs can now also include specific offers by means of individual parameters.

Meet the bd4travel team at TTE, Stand No. TT48 – here, AI-based personalisation technology is bringing online travel to a new level.

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