Apply AI-driven Personalisation to leverage recovery

Travel booking behaviour and demand are changing substantially. Popular destinations, product and service requirements, health and safety, and the potential price of a trip cannot be analysed on historical data any longer. Today, successful sales strategies need to be built on a new level of scalable customer-centricity and up-to-date product knowledge.

Real-time user and product data, assessing individual visitor intent and demand allow travel companies to respond immediately to live consumer behaviour – to capture and address every visitor at each of the key booking stages (Looker, Planner, Booker and Customer). Visitors that easily find the information they personally seek at each moment of their search will convert.

On this page, we collected our most recent visitor behaviour insights and traveller engagement recommendations to support you on the road to recovery.

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Opportunity through crisis

The way we interact with consumers and their expectations for travel have changed. Now brands need to directly connect with their audience with the right understanding and empathy.

Our three-part series presents new product promotion models that respond instantly to consumer demand and intent. Ensure your product portfolio reacts in real-time to market trends in an efficient and profitable way to secure bookings.

Part 1:

Analytics and market trends

Part 2:

Product Steering

Part 3:

Personalised interaction

To discover more, speak to one of our team and find out how you can apply personalisation to your travel portal.

Video Series

bd4travel CEO Andy Owen-Jones presents the companies approach to AI-driven personalisation.

Discover how bd4travel listens to prospective travellers, understands their interest and intent to create responsive sales portals activating in real-time to visitor behaviour.

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