Officially released by DER Touristik,


Frankfurt, 20 June 2016. Presenting customers with the best-fitting offers for them personally is the aim of a new project currently being undertaken by DER Touristik Online in collaboration with bd4travel, the specialists for personalisation solutions. On DER.COM, the Internet portal of the travel company DER Reisebüro, the online sales division of DER Touristik is currently testing how to make the customer journey even more individual by offering users the best of the available holidays corresponding to their search DNA. They are one of the first companies on the German market to do this.

Search DNA supports visitors to the website by recording search patterns, such as the type of holiday, hotel categories and destinations they are exploring. It uses this usage behaviour as a basis for predicting customers’ interests. How long a user looks at the respective offers and where they click in specific information areas are decisive factors which help the company to create personal interest profiles in real time. Based on these profiles, during this visit and any subsequent visits to, customers are shown context-relevant travel information and individually adapted offer recommendations at every step in the booking process.

“At the moment, we’re looking at how the user accepts the proposed offers, what additional bookings this prompts, and whether this will change how much users still want to search around the website as well as the amount of time they spend there”, explains Frank Seedorff, head of DER.COM. The pilot project is currently scheduled to run until the end of 2016 and will be expanded if the test is successful.

“The attractive and extensive offers available and the varied content of DER.COM, in combination with the bd4travel platform, provide enormous potential to engage every customer in individual dialogue, offering the best advice, and at the same time, increasing the conversion rate,” confirms Jackie Groves, VP Sales bd4travel.