Take a look over our shoulders

Find out here how our solution works and if it would be the right one for your travel platform - to enter into the era of AI-driven personalisation.

bd4travel profiles every single user while they are on your site – to recommend only the most relevant products and services – in real-time.

The 90 second explainer video gives you a comprehensive overview. Or watch our CEO and co-founder Andy answering 10 key questions on our business.  

episode 1/10:

Which problem does bd4travel address?

Understand your customer.

episode 2/10:

How do we present the most suitable offers?

Profile every single user in real-time.

episode 3/10:

Which products are offered by bd4travel?

Seamlessly embedded in your distribution technologies.

episode 4/10:

What is the benefit for the end-customer ?

Enhance the customer experience.

episode 5/10:

What makes bd4travel different?

Measure people, not segments.

episode 6/10:

What can clients expect from bd4tavel?

Steer your target product portfolio to receptive customers.

episode 7/10:

What is a typical development timeframe? 

Understand customer’s behaviour while they are on your site.

episode 8/10:

What are the biggest challenges?

Tailor your personalisation strategy.

episode 9/10:

What does it mean to be owned by dnata?

Profit from our extensive industry knowledge.

episode 10/10:

How advanced is AI-driven personalisation?

Tailor your messages to the individual & learn from customer feedback.  

 What we believe

Finding and booking travel online should be easy and enjoyable for your customers – to achieve true customer excitement.

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