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In these workshops we share our secrets of personalising the visitor journey to reduce churn and drive conversion. Learn how to evolve the travel shopping experience and serve customers dynamic and relevant content, product and services. Profit from our industry specific experience optimising the digital customer journey for package tours, hotels, airlines and car rentals. You will learn:
  • Key factors for reducing churn
  • Interventions for driving conversion
  • Data- & AI-driven campaign management
  • Developing precision marketing strategies
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    Daring to Travel

    As the removal of restrictions continues to reopen the world, be aware that ‘Revenge Travel’ holidaymakers are tipped to make plans out of step with their assumed demographic and typical search and booking habits.

    Boomer or Zoomer – how to use Generation Cohorts as part of your digital marketing strategy

    Understanding your audience is key to business success. For some products, like children’s diapers, it’s clear who your audience will be, but for travel companies, your audience is likely to be diverse.

    generation cohorts

    It’s personal: treat your customers holistically

    Market segmentation has been a key business principle for over 60 years, but is it really the best tool to correctly serve today’s diverse marketplace?


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