Positive news from the travel conference sector: ITB Asia will be held either on-site or as a 3-day virtual conference and fair – depending on the further development of the recovery (21.-23.10).

As the travel industry navigates itself towards recovery and growth, ITB Asia gathers some of the most influential leaders to share thought leadership on the short- and long-term changes in travel, together with the game-changing mindsets and practices that will be key to the sustainable success of the business.

We´re happy that bd4travel is already placed on the conference agenda. Andy is speaking on the Travel Tech Asia Stage, where they feature the founders and C-level executives on the latest technology developments that are creating new possibilities in travel. 

Session on Personalisation, Chatbots & Robotics

‘Take it personally’ – Real-time Hyper-Personalisation.

Andy Owen Jones, Co-Founder & CEO, bd4travel – co- speaking with client(s).

Find here the entire lineup of speakers and further details on the event which is our 1st step into the Asian travel event landscape:  www.itb-asia.com & https://www.itb-asia.com/conference-speakers.

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