Remember Goldilocks? In the fairytale “Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” a little girl finds a house in the woods. She’s hungry and tired, so decides to go inside… Goldilocks discovers three bowls of food on a table. She feels the first bowl is too hot, the second too cold, and the third is ‘just right.’ After she finishes her food, she gets tired and goes upstairs to lie down. The first bed is too big, the second, too short, and the third is ‘just right.’ It´s one of the most popular fairy tales in the English language. This moral of the tale is relevant not only to children, but also to travel marketers. At bd4travel we think travel portals need to pass ´The Goldilocks Test`, if they want to appeal to and convert travel buyers. Every time something isn’t to Goldilocks’ liking, she immediately turns away and starts looking for another option. Every decision she makes helps her learn more about her desires and requirements. Travel buyers are similar to Goldilocks. They’re looking for something specific, but may not know what they want until they see and evaluate it. Most relevant for travel resellers is to understand that as they search, buyers give off countless ‘signals’. A ‘direct signal’ is an obvious action, such as clicking on a particular hotel offer or sorting by hotel rating. An ‘indirect signal’ comes from actions taken by the website visitor which, when compiled together, give deep insight into a buyer’s potential interests and the most appropriate offers for them. Obviously, a travel portal wants to create the ‘Goldilocks Just-Right-Experience` for buyers based on their ‘signals’. This process needs to be carefully managed at the time of browsing, not just when they leave the site. That most probably is too late. If the portal doesn’t adapt to these ‘signals’, the buyer will decide to look somewhere else to fulfil his trip needs. It’s better for the portal to adapt a user’s experience based on a user’s signals. This is why personalisation is so important for travel portals.
Use AI to Provide the ‘Just Right’ User Experience
Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, travel portals can provide the ‘just right’ experience for each individual visitor to your site. You can serve recommendations by tracking their ‘signals’ and start to build user profiles in real-time. If their signals start to show a preference for one hotel type over another, you can immediately match them with the best fitting products. If their signals show a need for further support or a risk of churn you can also react automatically and in real-time to satisfy and converts another ´goldilocked` customer. By requesting a personal webinar with bd4travel, you can learn more about how users behave and what you can do to personalise their experience on your travel portal.  
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