Let's make finding and booking travel easier and more personal to increase your sales.
Our products make purchasing travel relevant, unique and enjoyable for every user of your website.

It's real-time, for true interaction

Automated personalisation use-cases allow to interact personally at the time of browsing.

Insightful user profiling based on tracking

No more need for hypotheses and rough user personas, our algorithms learn what works.

In-depth product profiling

Product recommendations are based on your individual product portfolio and it’s specific strengths.

Show the perfect personalised offer to the user at the right time and place.

Provide the most relevant offers reflecting the individual interest of each user.
Recognise the current intent of your user, from inspiration through to booking.
Focus on sales messages that are relevant to the individual user.

The bd4recommender lets you benefit from higher user engagement – creating significant uplift in conversion as well as customer loyalty.

bd4travel’s technology is the ideal combination – the peakwork Player-Hub Network unleashes close to an infinite amount of travel choices and bd4travel increases the relevance of this choice for each individual travel shopper.

Ralf Usbeck, CEO, Peakwork AG


Interact directly with the most valuable prospects on your site.

Pro-actively target the most valuable prospects at the appropriate moment.
Direct callcenter agent access to detailed profiles for every incoming call.
Real-time consulting with the user on your website.

The bd4callcenter helps to reduce call times, improves customer service and conversion. And with improved call quality, you are able to generate cross-sell opportunities from it.

Present the most relevant products in the best performing order.
Serve customers the ideal product, not just the cheapest or most popular one.
Promote the products most likely to convert higher up the page.
Provide clues to the best balance of quality, price and availability.

With bd4sort, travel portals experience a significant uplift in booking values compared to price sorted lists. Customer satisfaction is also very positively impacted.

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