Travel is one of the most turbulent marketplaces. New technologies challenge industry leaders’ positions, wash away entry hurdles, and fuel the rise of new players. Role distribution is blurred, and reaching customers is becoming increasingly multifaceted. On top, geopolitical challenges add fundamental uncertainty in demand, into the mix.

The Travel Convention 2018 will bring together international experts representing leading players in business as well as academia. It offers a unique platform for sharing views on trends and successful strategies in this riveting industry.

Players need to rethink propositions and come up with smart strategies to stay afloat in this complex environment. Expanding access to data and extracting sense is critical for success. Organizations need to stay agile, whilst delivering a consistently high-quality service, to cater to the increasingly savvy customers. Staying on top of latest tech trends is critical, however jumping on the latest pre-maturely bears the risk of gimmickry and distraction. Overall, there is no one-size-fits-all recipe for success, and decision makers are often challenged to smartly trade-off contradicting management advice.

Andy Owen-Jones, CEO of bd4travel, will present and discuss the following:

“Big data, Machine learning and AI, the toolkit that will change how travel is bought!”

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