Get the latest insights from Andy Owen-Jones at the Travel Technology Symposium 2020 

On March 26th, the Travel Industry Club is hosting the eighth Travel Technology Symposium. The event will focus on the topic: “DISRUPTION IS COMING – BE AHEAD!”. Andy Owen-Jones, CEO and Co-Founder of bd4travel, will bring along his insights about the future-oriented area of ​​AI-driven personalisation.

Disruption in the value chain 

Disruption is a consequence of new technology, business models and changes in customers demand patterns. The changing reality for today’s traveler means that businesses must adapt to this new dynamic. Technology creates many more contact points with the traveler within the travel value chain.  


The traditional supply chains are no longer simple and linear. However, new dynamic paths to reach travellers require businesses to learn where to look to see potential challengers, and how to react to new scenarios to isolate opportunities. 


Transformation in the travel industry through technology 

Technology has changed how we communicate, how we make purchases, how we agree on appointments, or schedule vacations. And Artificial Intelligence brings us even a step further. Technology carries out intelligent tasks with little or no human intervention.  

That is changing enormously the processes in companies, and how they need to react to those new scenarios.  But we can question whether our mindsets have changed and how well we are equipped to make decisions which will lead to great outcomes for our clients and our businesses.


The Travel Technology Symposium will welcome renowned experts


Visitors are invited to hear from experts in the fields of technology, research and tourism about new insights, which solutions are on the verge of a breakthrough and which opportunities and risks the latest innovations bring.


“We are taking it away from treating people as an average, and helping people to be treated as an individual.”, says Andy Owen-Jones CEO and Co-Founder of bd4travel about reacting to the changing mindset of today’s travelers. “But there is also a benefit to looking at our own mindset as technology vendors and travel companies”  

Before founding bd4travel, Andy worked for the travel specialist TravelTainment and for Amadeus. 

bd4travels’ Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions drive personalisation with every traveler seeking for personalised travel shopping experiences. With the AI-driven solution it is possible to learn from customer’s interactions to improve future interactions. It gathers the data available on the customer and to create individual travel experiences.


Join the Travel Technology Symposium 2020 on Thursday, March 26th, 2020, starting at 9:00am, Venue: Campus Kronberg 1, 61476 Kronberg im Taunus.


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