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Hanover/Berlin, 9 March 2016. Today announced a partnership with bd4travel, giving them the ability to adapt to their customers’ needs and to take in to consideration their customers’ preferences and holiday patterns. Through the partnership, bd4travel will assist in crafting and implementing the overall personalisation strategy for its online distribution channel. This will enable the tour operator to individually serve its website visitors with personalized travel products and services, right at the time of browsing, making the overall booking experience easier for TUI customers.

“Online customers today don’t want a standard, ready-made website that everyone has access to—they want a personalised experience with content and offers tailored solely to their requirements”, says Dirk Föste, Director of Digital Commerce at TUI.

Going forward, customers will receive hotel offers adapted to their needs and their previous search behaviour. Search filters such as preferred departure airports and topical preferences—for example, holiday destinations or hotel properties—will be stored automatically and used to adjust the content of the website to each individual user.

For this real-time personalisation of their website, TUI is supported by travel technology startup bd4travel who will roll out personalisation features on TUI’s portal gradually and continuously. Fully personalised content is combined with editorial and classic offers. “bd4travel is helping us to understand our users in real time”, explains Föste. “Together with bd4travel, we are developing a strategy for our online channels based on intelligent personalisation and digital empathy. The level of hyper-personalisation that bd4travel can provide is enormous.”

Based on tracking data on the entire click stream on, an anonymous cookie-based user profile is generated. This profile stores the interests of individual users (country, region, city, hotel, type of hotel, hotel properties), their progress in the funnel (search, availability, checkout, booking), their churn risk and shopping basket potential. This profile information is used to create personalised content, which is then served up accordingly on

“We’re constantly measuring the results of personalisation measures. So far, the results show a very positive trend. Over the medium term, we expect the booking probability for customers with personalised content to increase significantly”, adds Dirk Föste.

Andy Owen-Jones, co-founder and CEO of bd4travel, said: “TUI has an unbelievably wide product range. Consequently, one of its most important challenges is to offer the right travel product to the right customer – and at the right time. We are impressed with the initial results. TUI is definitely leading the way here and offering its customers a real added value in terms of tailored recommendations”.

TUI will continue to develop its personalisation strategy further, with plans that include the integration of the watchlist, profiles for mobile traffic ( that can be used on multiple devices, the integration of further brand portals and the presentation of recommendations via various channels. is responsible for the e-Commerce business of Germany’s leading travel business TUI. With the Internet sites, and, it is responsible for online sales and further development of the portals. TUI Deutschland GmbH is a 100 percent subsidiary of the TUI Group, the world’s leading tourism group, which has its headquarters in Germany. In addition to the TUI core brand, the TUI group of companies includes numerous other well-known travel businesses and brands such as 1-2-FLY, airtours and L´tur, the holiday flight company TUIfly, as well as the specialist companies Gebeco and Berge & Meer. TUI thus covers the entire range of holidays, from premium through tailored to low-cost holidays.

bd4travel provides intelligent personalisation technology for the travel industry. The solutions offered add digital empathy capabilities to travel platforms, allowing the platforms to provide the mostly anonymous visitors with the most relevant offers and most suitable services in each individual case. This simplifies the way in which holidays are sold sustainably, making it a much more pleasant purchasing experience. The multiple award-winning startup bd4travel has its headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany and also maintains an office in London, United Kingdom.

TUI, Kathrin Spichala, tel.: +49(0)5 11) 567 2125

bd4travel, Helge Moser, tel.: +49(0) 69 247 4718-216

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