At the ITB 2016 conference, I was recently caught saying that great salespeople listen to their customers to understand what they want and serve them accordingly. We’re really excited to be equiping TUI with ways to better understand and serve their customers on their online sales channel, and to cater each individual user with personalized products and services.

Lately, bd4travel has closed  a strategic partnership with TUI to deploy real-time personalisation across its website The TUI Group is one of the largest leisure travel and tourism companies in the world, so given the sheer size of the travel inventory available, one of their key challenges is getting the right travel product in front of the right customer. We knew we could help with that.

Through the partnership, bd4travel is helping craft and implement the overall personalisation strategy for its online distribution channel. As a first step, is testing bd4travel-enabled personalised product recommendations on its homepage – and a context sensitive personalisation overlay. is also using bd4travel’s Data Management Platform, allowing them to receive detailed anonymous user profiles for 100% of their website audience as well as performance analytics specific to travel retail.

To fuel these personalisation measures, we’ve set up and deployed specialized tracking patterns and machine learning algorithms on, to generate predictive insights such as individual interest, intent, engagement, churn risk or potential spend level in real-time.

It’s a really exciting first step for TUI and bd4travel, and we look forward to hopefully rolling out more features with the TUI Group in the coming months.

Andy Owen-Jones
CEO and Co-Founder bd4travel