In response to the decision to cancel ITB, we are disappointed that we will not have the chance to meet you in person on ITB – but we still feel it’s pertinent to focus on supporting your commercial priorities especially with the impact of reduced travel worldwide.

Therefore, we have arranged the chance to join us in a virtual meeting and be part of our virtual showroom.

Join our team presenting the full suite of bd4travel products and our latest enhancements to personalise your entire website. Learn how to catch the interest of your users with dynamically personalised content and cross- and upsell features, retention tools and call centre support.

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    Prediction or Presumption – how data lets you intelligently take back control

    Why you should forgo your ‘gut feeling’ and use data to guide your business  Effective selling requires more than just meeting a consumer’s needs or wants. In today’s competitive marketplace, understanding and individually serving your customer makes the difference...

    How AI works for travel sales

    AI is everywhere, but very few truly understand what it means to business and how it can be implemented. bd4travel will explain what it means to be AI-ready and how a travel business can be digitally transformed. Historical data no longer provides insights necessary...

    How personalisation works

    Personalisation is the art of tailoring products, services and their delivery to individuals. In the age of digitalisation, it takes websites to a new state of direct engagement with the visitor - responding to each individual’s interactions to understand their intent...
    How personalisation works